Who we are

Mitsui E&P Australia (MEPAU) is the Australian headquarters for Mitsui & Co., Ltd’s energy investments in the region, focussed on establishing a responsible, reliable and sustainable energy supply to meet growing energy demands.

MEPAU is proud to be a part of the rich history of the Perth Basin, which has been providing a reliable source of energy to Western Australia for almost 50 years.

Founded in 2004, MEPAU has extended its portfolio geologically across the continent from east to west and from conventional to non conventional oil and gas assets.

The acquisition of AWE in 2018 provided the opportunity for MEPAU to build its capability in the Perth Basin. MEPAU has seven producing assets in Australia and is Operator of four facilities in the Mid West of Western Australia. 

MEPAU is now aiming to extend its value chain into downstream operations for ammonia and hydrogen. This will allow MEPAU to transform into an Energy Solutions company, contributing to Australia’s energy security and reliability.


How we work

MEPAU is committed to delivering safe, reliable and affordable energy. With the acquisition of AWE in May 2018, MEPAU is now part of the rich history of oil and gas production of the Mid West region.

The gas is produced and processed at MEPAU operated facilities in the Mid West and then added into the Parmelia Gas Pipeline for transport to customers.

During normal operations MEPAU employs approximately 11 full time employees in the Mid West. This number increases substantially during periods of exploration, decommissioning, development and construction.

Wherever practicable, MEPAU employs local people and uses local businesses. In the Mid West, almost all of the workforce lives locally.

MEPAU is committed to communicating clearly with the Mid West communities in which it operates. Members of the community are welcome to make contact directly or attend independently facilitated round table events to ensure that their questions are answered and any concerns are heard.

MEPAU has a strong track record in safety, environmental management, exploration, development and production; building a solid reputation through its successful projects. 

Current Projects

MEPAU is currently involved in the following Australian projects:

  • Waitsia Gas Project – onshore production and development assets, Perth Basin, Western Australia (Operator)
  • Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Project – Perth Basin, Western Australia (Operator)
  • Vincent Greater Enfield Oil Project– offshore Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia
  • Casino Gas Project – offshore Otway Basin, Victoria
  • Kipper Gas project– offshore Gippsland Basin, Victoria
  • Greater Meridian coal seam gas project – onshore Bowen Basin, Queensland.

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History of oil and gas

Oil and gas exploration has been active in the Perth Basin for more than 50 years with the first discovery at Yardarino-01 in 1964. Learn more about the history of oil and gas in the Mid West region of Western Australia.

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Schedule of Activities

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The Northern Perth Basin

The northern Perth Basin is a prolific oil and gas producing area covering a large portion of the Mid West region of Western Australia. The town of Dongara, located approximately 360km north of Perth, is the regional economic hub for a number of energy industries.