Waitsia Gas Project – Stage 1

The decision to commence Stage 1 development of the Waitsia gas field was made in early January 2016 following the receipt of government and regulatory approvals.

Stage 1 comprised the installation of new infrastructure and upgrades to existing assets that connected the Waitsia-01 and Senecio-03 gas wells to Xyris Production Facility (XPF) for an extended production test. Gas processed at XPF is being delivered via an existing pipeline to the Parmelia Gas Pipeline for domestic consumption in Western Australia.

The new infrastructure included installing two flowlines, a processing hub and a 7 km pipeline to XPF, which had been in care and maintenance since 2010.

The project required assessment and approvals from the lead agency, Department of Mines, Industry and Regulation Safety. Other approvals required by several state agencies, as well as the Shire, were also provided.

The initial capacity of XPF was approximately 10 TJ per day, with further expansion possible. First gas from the extended production test commenced in August 2016. This has provided important information about the free-flowing Waitsia gas reservoir. Well performance has consistently exceeded expectations, emphasising the excellent quality and connectivity of the conventional reservoirs in the Kingia and High Cliff Sandstones.

The Waitsia Gas Project Stage 1 Expansion began construction in January 2020. It involved tying in an existing nearby well and constructing a pipeline to transport the gas from XPF to customers. Local contractors were hired to do a lot of the work, at a value of approximately $2 million. The expansion project has allowed increased production of approximately 30 TJ per day.

Waitsia Stage 1 gathering station, the Northen Hub

Waitsia Stage 1 gathering station, the Northern Hub

What’s next?

Stage 2 Development

The Stage 2 development phase refers to building the infrastructure necessary for a fully producing gas field.  This includes drilling and completing some additional production wells, building a new processing facility and installing interconnecting flowlines from the well heads to the processing facility.

Where possible, this includes using existing infrastructure.  For example, Waitsia – Stage 1 involved refurbishing the existing Xyris Production Facility, and conveying gas to Perth via the Parmelia Gas Pipeline, which was originally built in 1971 and has since been in steady use. The Stage 1 expansion included construction of a new export gas pipeline providing a connection to the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP).

Further proposed development for the Waitsia gas field includes undertaking the Stage 2 Development.

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Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

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MEPAU stage 1 expansion

Waitsia Gas Project - Stage 1 Expansion

Waitsia Stage 1 Expansion began in January 2020. Find out about Waitsia Stage 1 Expansion.

Waitsia Gas Project - Stage 2

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Waitsia-02, Waitsia-03 and Waitsia-04 are appraisal wells

Waitsia-02, Waitsia-03 and Waitsia-04

Waitsia-02, Waitsia-03 and Waitsia-04 are appraisal wells. Find out more about Waitsia-02, Waitsia-03 and Waitsia-04.

The Northern Perth Basin

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