Drover-01 exploration well

  • The Drover-01 exploration well site is located on agricultural land in the Shire of Coorow, adjacent to the Lesueur National Park and near the Mount Peron Water Reserve.
  • The well was successfully drilled in mid-2014 without any significant health, safety or environmental incidents.
  • Gas readings were observed while drilling and core samples and logs were taken over the target zones to evaluate their shale and tight gas potential.
  • Initial results indicated that the Kockatea Shale at this location has good source potential for gas liquids and three intervals have been identified that could constitute targets for future operations or appraisal.
  • A diagnostic test, Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test (DFIT), over one of the target zones was conducted in April 2015. This test, which used a mix of water and saline water, assessed reservoir pressure, permeability, natural fracturing and potential for hydraulic fracture stimulation.
  • The results of the DFIT showed that the majority of the target formation at Drover-01 was unlikely to have sufficient natural fracturing or propensity for hydraulic fracturing to achieve a commercial flow rate of gas.
  • The well has been decommissioned and rehabilitated and the site returned to the landowner for ongoing agricultural use.

What’s next?

Mitsui E&P Australia (MEPAU) is planning further exploration work in the permit area, EP455 exploration permit.

The technical information gathered at Drover-01 helped prepare a new forward work program for the renewed permit area. This included the airborne surveys undertaken in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.

drover-01 rig AWE Limited
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