Waitsia Stage 2

The Waitsia gas field is ranked one of the largest gas fields ever discovered onshore in Australia.

Waitsia Stage 2 will involve further development of the gas field, with more wells and a new production facility capable of producing 250 TJ/day.

Significant economic benefits flow to the Mid West region from the financial investments that are being made during both construction and operating phases.

Waitsia Stage 2 is in execution stage and a joint venture unconditional Financial Investment Decision (FID) was reached February 2021.

Stage 2 Development

To fully maximise the potential of the Waitsia gas field, a new 250 TJ/day gas processing plant is being built that will draw from up to eight production wells phased over a 15-year life-cycle and will convey gas via the nearby Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline.  Two of these production wells are already drilled and up to six more are planned to be drilled over the next few years prior to production commencing.


    • A network of flowlines and gathering hubs will be used to connect the production wells to the new processing plant. A new export pipeline will connect to the export pipeline installed as part of the Stage 1 Expansion.
    • After a design competition tender involving several WA based companies, Clough was selected to provide an optimum technological solution for processing the gas as part of an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract. Where practicable this also includes the use of local Mid West service providers.  To help attract Australian company involvement, MEPAU lodged an Australian Industry Participation Plan with the federal government in January 2018 and Clough is implementing this plan.
    • During execution and operation, there will be significant economic benefits (both directly and indirectly) to the local region and also to the State. During the execution phase, an average of 70 design and management Perth based personnel will be employed. When site works commence, an average of 150 personnel will be employed, peaking at approximately 200. During the operation phase there will be an estimated 25 permanent jobs associated with Waitsia Stage 2, a doubling of current workforce levels, which will deliver approximately $15 million per year to the region.
    • Throughout the Stage 2 planning process, MEPAU undertook extensive stakeholder engagement. To date there has been broad support from local stakeholders, many of whom have provided input during the project planning phase.
      • The long-lead Stage 2 regulatory approvals were prepared in advance of the FID to help meet the overall project schedule.
      • In September 2019 MEPAU referred the project to the EPA.
      • The Stage 2 proposal was subject to formal environmental impact assessment under the Environmental Protection Act, which included a public review and comment period.
      • Following the EPA assessment, the Minister for Environment approved the project. The ministerial statement, issued in February 2021, includes a requirement for a Waitsia Stage 2 Greenhouse Gas Management Plan.
      • Stage 2 does not include Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation. No fracking is planned and no approval for fracking has been sought.
      • MEPAU is continuing to regularly engage with stakeholders.



Stage 1

Stage 1 of the Waitsia gas project was essentially an extended production test. It consisted of two wells (Senecio-03 and Waitsia-01) connected to the refurbished Xyris Production Facility.

Stage 1 supplied about 10 TJ of gas every day from August 2016 to December 2019.

The results of Stage 1 demonstrated that the Waitsia field could be further developed.

Stage 1 Expansion

Stage 1 Expansion involved connecting another well, Waitsia-02, to increase daily production volumes and installing a pipeline from Xyris Production Facility to the nearby Dambier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline.

Since August 2020, Stage 1 has been supplying about 20-30 TJ of gas every day.


Public Reporting

Provided in accordance with Ministerial Statement No. 1164.

Waitsia Gas Project Stages 1 and 2 - Key Components

Waitsia Gas Project Stages 1 and 2 – Key Components

Indicative image of proposed Waitsia Gas Plant (looking east)

Indicative image of proposed Waitsia Gas Plant (looking east)

Waitsia Gas Project - Stage 1

Waitsia Stage 1, an extended production test, has been in production since August 2016. Find out more about Waitsia Gas Project Stage 1.

MEPAU stage 1 expansion

Waitsia Gas Project - Stage 1 Expansion

Waitsia Stage 1 Expansion began in January 2020. Find out about Waitsia Stage 1 Expansion.

Waitsia-02, Waitsia-03 and Waitsia-04 are appraisal wells

Waitsia-02, Waitsia-03 and Waitsia-04

Waitsia-02, Waitsia-03 and Waitsia-04 are appraisal wells. Find out more about Waitsia-02, Waitsia-03 and Waitsia-04.

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