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Mitsui E&P Australia’s operations in the northern Perth Basin are located near the town of Dongara approximately 360km north of Perth and 65km south of Geraldton in Western Australia.

We are actively exploring, appraising, developing and producing oil and gas in a number of locations in the Mid West of Western Australia. Our projects cover the full life-cycle range from exploration to production and decommissioning.  Health, safety and environment protection are our highest priorities wherever we operate.

The locations of our current projects are highlighted in the following map. More details on projects are provided in the schedule of activities planned for FY 18/19.

Mitsui E&P Australia Perth Basin Permits and Fields March 2019

Mitsui E&P Australia operations in the Mid West of Western Australia


Activity* Permits Description Indicative Timing**
Exploration/Appraisal L1/L2

Recent appraisal activities focused on the Waitsia gas field. Flow tests of the most recently drilled appraisal wells (ie Waitsia-02, Waitsia-03 and Waitsia-04) showed outstanding flow test results.  This appraisal information is being used to supplement data gained from the Waitsia Stage 1A extended production test.

Further assessment of the Woodada gas field, that ceased producing in 2010, is also occurring through desktop studies. This review was prompted by the Waitsia gas field discovery in 2014. Many other companies are also reassessing data for their permits in the northern Perth Basin since this exciting discovery was made.

No exploration or appraisal drilling is planned for FY 18/19.
Production – Waitsia Stage 1A L1/L2 The extended production test involving two wells that are connected to the Xyris Production Facility is continuing. Ongoing production
Full Field Development – Stage 2 (proposed) L1/L2

Stage 2 will involve connecting wells to a newly constructed production facility planned to be located near the existing APA Mondarra Gas Storage Facility.

Waitsia Stage 2 is in the planning and design phase.

To be confirmed
Care and Maintenance L1/L2 and L4/L5

The Hovea and the Woodada production facilities are not producing and have been in Care and Maintenance since 2010.

Dongara Production Facility is being prepared for partial Care and Maintenance as the Dongara gas field ceased production in 2017.

L7 The Mt Horner Oil Production Facility is now being operated by the new title holder, Key Petroleum. N/A
Perth Basin Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Project



Well site decommissioning activities are being undertaken as part of a Mid West permit areas campaign to decommission then rehabilitate sites which are no longer in use. Five wells during FY 2018/19.

* All activities involve conventional gas fields

**Subject to all corporate, JV and regulatory approvals


Different types of gas

Conventional gas, unconventional gas, shale gas, tight gas, coal seam gas. What does it all mean?

The Process of Making Gas

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Schedule of Activiites

See what we’re currently working on by consulting our Schedule of Activities for 2018/2019.


Before anything can happen we need to plan carefully. Read more about the planning process.


We look for gas, and when we find it we figure out if it’s worth pursuing further. Find out more about our exploration and appraisal process.


Once we’ve confirmed a well is commercially viable we get ready to put it into production. Read more about the development process.


During the production phase we produce gas from the well and sell it. Find out more about the production process.

Decommissioning and Rehabilitation

When the exploration or production activity has finished it’s time to clean up. Read more about how we decommission and rehabilitate a well and its surrounding area.