MEPAU Senior Geologist, Roger Xiang, recently won the ‘People category’ award in the inaugural Photographic Competition run by APPEA’s Brighter initiative.

Roger’s image, named ‘Teamwork’, was taken at Beharra Springs, where MEPAU is a joint venture partner with site operator Beach Energy. Roger had previously produced a promotional video for MEPAU’s precursor AWE and had been invited to Beharra Springs to create something similar for Beach Energy.

As always, Roger took his cameras and whilst onsite managed to capture the prize-winning shot of workers adjusting the well choke.

James Lund, one of three contest judges, praised the technical execution of Roger’s photograph, particularly commenting on the lighting and colours. Roger says he rarely uses additional lighting, instead relying on whatever light is naturally available. In this case, he made use of the ambient glow of work lights spread around the site, as well as a flare on the left side. He said there was a strong light source on the right side, which is what gives the green-blue glow across that side of the image.


Roger Xiang started working at AWE as an intern in 2006 and has worked his way up to the position of Senior Geologist.

He says the first time he ever visited a well site he was struck by the teamwork exhibited by everyone on site. Over the years, he has continued to observe extraordinary cooperation among workers.

Contest supports RFDS

APPEA pledged to donate $10 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) for every entry received in the contest, up to a maximum of $6000.

Roger entered 11 images into two categories, and there were 128 entries from across the nation, which can be seen on the Photographic Award gallery.

Roger Xiang's photograph - Everybody's responsibility

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