AWE is proud to co-fund and participate in a CSIRO/University of Western Australia baseline monitoring project to capture, including additional baseline groundwater, from the north Perth Basin, the geological name for the low lying sedimentary area in this region of the Mid West.

The Perth Basin Shale and Tight Gas Monitoring Joint Industry Program, which will run for two-years, will help ensure Australia’s onshore gas industry uses and implements the best environmental monitoring standards available. Monitoring of groundwater, air quality emissions and seismicity are subjects often raised by Mid West community members who are interested in our sector.

Other project sponsors include the Western Australian State regulator, the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) and other industry operators working in the Perth Basin including Norwest Energy, Origin and Transerv Energy.

AWE Managing Director Bruce Clement said that given the company’s increasing operations in the Mid West, AWE was pleased to be involved and is a strong supporter of the project.

“The CSIRO led research project will add another important layer to the extensive understanding that AWE, other Mid West operators and the State regulators have of the Perth Basin. It is important to continually build and improve on our knowledge base so that we can apply those learnings and new findings to every aspect of our operations,” said Mr Clement.

The DMP will participate in the project as an advisory committee member to ensure it aligns with the goals of its monitoring program to study potential environmental impacts of onshore gas development in the Perth Basin.

The Department of Water is also on the advisory committee as an observer to ensure the water science is accurate, available and applied appropriately to enhance the government’s water resource management goals.

Study objectives include improving the understanding of suitable methods and protocols for establishing environmental baselines associated with shale and tight gas development.

The research program will consider monitoring aspects in four environmental domains: deep subsurface, shallow sub surface, surface and near-surface atmosphere.

The project will also develop a database containing all monitoring data and geological information obtained as part of the study; along with a comprehensive report analysing the data obtained from groundwater, soil gas, atmosphere and micro-seismic measurements.

If you have any questions about the Perth Basin baseline monitoring project, please contact us.


The Northern Perth Basin

The Northern Perth Basin is a prolific oil and gas producing area covering a large portion of the Mid West region of Western Australia. The town of Dongara, located approximately 360km north of Perth, is the regional economic hub for a number of industries, including oil and gas.