Green Head Men’s Shed

Mitsui E&P Australia’s predecessor AWE contributed to a funding program for the Green Head Men’s Shed, a concept which originated in 2011 with a gathering of ten local men, all with a goal to create a space in which local retired men could come together over a common interest.

The Men’s Shed was designed to bring retired local men from all different backgrounds together to find friendship and to use their metal and woodworking skills to create everything from children’s toys to kitchen utensils and furniture. Upkeep of the community group is made possible from the sale of these articles.

This original group set about forming what has now become a large, successful, fully equipped outfit. Currently the Men’s Shed membership consists of 52 members and is continuing to attract new members from the local area.

The group also plays an important role in the community by caring for local elderly citizens during times of hardship at no cost to those individuals.

Dustin Nutter, MEPAU TAFE Scholarship winner


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The Northern Perth Basin

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