AWE has commenced its flow testing program for the Waitsia-01 appraisal well to further assess the potential of the Waitsia gas discovery in the onshore Perth Basin, Western Australia.

The testing program is designed to determine well deliverability from two conventional reservoir zones, as well as to collect gas samples for analysis of the gas composition.

The flow test involves the controlled flaring (burning) of gas in a specially constructed trench for two periods of 10-15 days each during the 40-day program.

Following community feedback from the Senecio-03 flow test earlier in the year, AWE has implemented a number of new initiatives to minimise any potential disturbance from noise or visible smoke which may occur during the flow test. This includes an enhanced and expanded noise monitoring program designed by independent specialist consultants, Aurora Environmental.

The consultants will assess the noise monitoring data and provide real-time feedback. AWE’s team, which has been based on-site, also notified residents in the Irwin town-site area of the flow test well in advance of it commencing.

AWE Managing Director, Bruce Clement, said: “This is an excellent result and confirms the production potential of the conventional High Cliff Sandstone in the field. We now have two successful well tests at Senecio-03 and Waitsia-01, and we are moving forward confidently with our plans for the first stage of development.”

The Waitsia-01 well flow test will involve a series of flow tests at various choke settings, rates and well head pressures as well as shut in periods to monitor pressure build-up.

In preparation for this flow test, AWE hosted an informal flow test information evening at the Shire of Irwin’s Recreation Centre on Tuesday, 15 September, 2015. At the session, senior staff from AWE and Aurora Environmental, who conducted the independent environmental assessment of the Senecio-03 flow-test, outlined the additional noise management measures developed specifically for the Waitsia-01 flow test and answered questions from local residents and Shire staff about the operation.

The regulatory approvals for the Waitsia-01 flow test from the relevant agencies were all in place prior to the commencement of any operational work. This process involved meeting requirements from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, the Shire of Irwin and the Department of Mines and Petroleum to ensure that the appropriate management measures are in place.

If you have any questions about the Waitsia-01 flow test, please contact us.

Independent consultant setting up a noise monitor

Independent consultant setting up a noise monitor

Noise monitor at one of the nearest residences

Noise monitor at one of the nearest residences


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