MEPAU hosted a Community information Exchange session on Wednesday, 29 May 2019 in Dongara/Port Denison.

Residents, business owners, landowners, industry personnel, government agencies and officials, high school students and the press visited throughout the day to speak with the ten MEPAU personnel on hand.

MEPAU provided information and sought feedback about current operations, the Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Project and the Waitsia Gas Project, particularly the proposed Waitsia Gas Project Stage 1 Expansion and Stage 2 Development.

Additional information sessions will be held once the project design stage is complete later in 2019. Subscribe to our updates if you’d like direct notification.

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Gary Savill from Mid West Development Commission speaks with Kevin Davey
Ted Ishizuka speaks with Next Generation Participants

The Northern Perth Basin

The northern Perth Basin is a prolific oil and gas producing area covering a large portion of the Mid West region of Western Australia. The town of Dongara, located approximately 360km north of Perth, is the regional economic hub for a number of industries, including oil and gas.