4WD vehicle used in The Perth Basin Baseline Monitoring Study

The Perth Basin Baseline Monitoring Study

The Perth Basin Baseline Monitoring Study provides a valuable reference point for measuring the environmental impact of onshore oil and gas activities. When considering environmental impacts of onshore oil and gas activities, two of the most important factors to consider are groundwater and air quality. Water Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface, but 96.5% of that is found in oceans and seas. Only 2.5% is fresh water, and almost…

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A new era for AWE

Following the successful bid by Mitsui & Co. Ltd to purchase AWE this website will be updated in the near future. Whilst the ownership of AWE has changed, the company’s commitment to be an active and responsible member of the Mid West community has not. The Waitsia Gas Field remains a key focus for AWE with Stage 2 of the project expected to provide significant opportunities and economic benefit to…

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Waitsia gas project Stage 2 Well Testing

Waitsia Gas Project – Stage 2 – Well testing update

As part of the proposed Waitsia Gas Project – Stage 2, AWE is undertaking gas well testing in the Pye Road, Irwin area. The Waitsia gas is a free flowing conventional reservoir. The well tests, which have been carefully planned to minimise any potential offsite impacts, involve controlled gas flaring. Flaring allows a better understanding of the gas reservoir characteristics, such as flow rate and gas composition. Each test is…

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Shire of Irwin Community Roundtable in progress

Straight Talking at Community Roundtable

AWE is pleased the independently facilitated Shire of Irwin Community Roundtable has got off to a strong start. The Roundtable was formed in response to a range of local stakeholder views about AWE’s ongoing presence in the region, some of which showed strong support for AWE and others which showed strong concerns about the potential use of hydraulic fracture stimulation. There is a lot of information circulating about the onshore…

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First gas sales at Waitsia

AWE achieves first gas sales from Waitsia project – on time and within budget

Commercial gas sales from Stage 1A of the Waitsia gas project have commenced and the development was delivered on time and within the approved budget of $18 million [ASX announcement]. A range of Mid West service providers helped play a key role in this achievement. The Waitsia gas project (AWE 50% interest) is Operated by AWE and located approximately 16.5 km east-southeast of Dongara in production licence L1/L2. Stage 1A…

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AWE is taking part in the Mingenew Expo

AWE takes part in the Mingenew Expo

AWE is taking part in the Mingenew Mid West Expo, the largest agricultural field day in Western Australia’s Mid West. The two day event showcases farming and agricultural technologies. It also presents a great opportunity to demonstrate how the onshore gas industry can successfully coexist with the agricultural industry, highlighting AWE’s longstanding active presence in the region, including our recent development activities on Irwin Park Farm. AWE, and its predecessors,…

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Rehabilitation work at Drover 1 is complete

Drover-1 rehabilitation complete

AWE Limited has finalised decommissioning and rehabilitation works at its Drover-1 exploration site, in preparation for handing back the site to the landowner for agricultural use. Decommissioning involves the safe and environmentally sound isolation of the well below ground in addition to surface rehabilitation and restoration works. Typical steps in the process include removing any production tubing, isolating productive formations from other formations by installing cement columns at several intervals,…

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Waitsia Pipeline construction

AWE commences pipeline construction

AWE has commenced construction work on Stage 1A of the Waitsia Gas Project with groundwork underway for the gas pipeline, which will transfer gas from the Waitsia-01 and the Senecio-03 wells to the Xyris Production Facility (XPF). The groundwork includes constructing a pipeline with two flow lines tying the well heads back to the existing XPF, which is being refurbished following a period of ‘care and maintenance’. AWE recently drilled…

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AWE awards more than $6 million in contracts to businesses in midwest

AWE awards more than $6 million in contracts to Mid West businesses

AWE Limited is delivering on its commitment to the economic development of the Mid West region by awarding service contracts totaling approximately $6 million to local Mid West businesses for Stage 1A of the company’s Waitsia Gas Project. Four service contracts have been awarded, including pipeline construction, earthworks, concreting, and electrical and instrument installation. Work on site will commence in April 2016 and AWE is anticipating first gas will be…

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awe community consultation

Upcoming Community Information Exchange Session

As part of AWE’s commitment to ongoing engagement with the Mid West community about our operations and forward plans for Stage 1A of the Waitsia Gas Project, we’re holding a Community Information Exchange Session next week. Details follow: Where:  Ocean Room, Shire of Irwin Recreation Centre, Point Leander Drive, Port Denison When:   2:30 – 6:30pm, Wednesday, 23 March 2016 The information exchange session is a chance for AWE to outline…

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