AWE has commenced construction work on Stage 1A of the Waitsia Gas Project with groundwork underway for the gas pipeline, which will transfer gas from the Waitsia-01 and the Senecio-03 wells to the Xyris Production Facility (XPF).

The groundwork includes constructing a pipeline with two flow lines tying the well heads back to the existing XPF, which is being refurbished following a period of ‘care and maintenance’. AWE recently drilled the Senecio-03 and Waitsia-01 wells, which were completed during Q4 2014 and Q1 2015 respectively.  This involved installing steel pipe to the bottom of the hole and then cementing it in place ready for the extended production test.

Processed gas from the XPF will be delivered through an existing pipeline to the Parmelia Gas Pipeline for domestic consumption in Western Australia. The initial capacity of XPF will be approximately 10 TJ per day, with further expansion possible, and first gas from the extended production test is scheduled for August 2016.

Installation of the pipeline and flow lines will involve the excavation of a trench, laying the pipe, backfilling the trench and then restoring the area for agricultural use. The pipeline construction is being supported by a number of local Mid West businesses including Piped Energy, RCR Mining Pty Ltd’s Geraldton office and Central West Concrete.

The pipeline and flow lines are designed to operate unmanned, 24 hours per day and will supervised by operators from the Dongara Production Facility who will make daily visits for routine inspections and maintenance.

The pipeline was one of AWE’s activities covered at the Community Information Exchange Session which was held on 23 March in Dongara.  Additional project information is regularly posted on the Mid West website so people can keep track of planned projects as well as their progress as they develop.

If you have any queries about Stage 1A of the Waitsia Gas Project or any of our activities, please feel free to contact us at

Aerial image showing Waitsia Pipeline components and adjacent developments
Aerial image showing Waitsia Pipeline components and adjacent developments

The Northern Perth Basin

The northern Perth Basin is a prolific oil and gas producing area covering a large portion of the Mid West region of Western Australia. The town of Dongara, located approximately 360km north of Perth, is the regional economic hub for a number of industries, including oil and gas.